THE YEAR BOOK, part 5 : The English Options and the Trip To England

Dans le cadre du cours d’anglais de complément, les élèves de 1L ont produit des Year Books » (in English, please!) sur les grands moments de l’année 2017-2018 au Lycée JF. Millet. Nous publierons ici le « Year book by the seven dwarves » (Emma, Romane, Amandine, Eve, Maxime, Sozia, Margot). Leurs articles seront publiés au fil des prochains jours. Bonne lecture !

We are a class of pupils and we are doing the English option which is a special option of 3 hours a week about English personalities, English culture but also cinema and books ! For example, this year we worked on Shakespeare, Roald Dahl, David Seidler and even Lionel Logue.  We created a talk show to discuss literature.  We called it ‘The Culture Show’.

We worked with Elisabeth, our American assistant, and also Rosemary Nolleau our English teacher.

Thanks to that option, we went to England in April. We went with two other classes who were working on immigration so we worked on that too.

We took the ferry in Ouistreham and slept on board. It was not the most comfortable crossing but we had some fun ! Even the teachers slept on the floor ! Then we had some visits with guides that were really interesting ! We also visited museums. We went on board a ship called the HMS Warrior in Portsmouth. Then we went to Swanage to sleep in a youth hostel. It was cosy and the staff was really nice and welcoming. Then some of us took a boat to visit Portsmouth port.

We also worked in the street with some “micro- trottoir” and interviews. Then our recordings will be used by other class. We talked about French gastronomy, clichés about our society, people and their favourite places in their country or in the world.

English people are very nice and really polite because we were well received everywhere !





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