THE YEAR BOOK, part 3 : Theatre

Dans le cadre du cours d’anglais de complément, les élèves de 1e ont réalisé des « Year Books » (in English, please!) sur les grands moments de l’année 2017-2018 au Lycée JF. Millet. Nous publierons ici le « Year book by the seven dwarves » (Emma, Romane, Amandine, Eve, Maxime, Sozia, Margot). Leurs articles seront publiés au fil des prochains jours. Bonne lecture !

Interview of Auriane Lemallier, in 1ère S2, who does the theatre option :

Why did you choose this option ?

I chose this option because I was already doing theatre in middle school and I liked it, and people recommended this option to me.

Can you talk about the show of last year, and the one which you are preparing for this year ?

So, we have made two shows last year : one about Andersen’s fairytales (like The Ugly Duckling or The Little Matchgirl), and we made another show, that we wrote, about Normandy in Sicily. The first show of this year took place at the 1880-1910, but to discover the story, you have to come and see us, at the beginning of February. The second show will be about Jean-François Millet, and we will write it too.

Did you only practice ?

No, we have one hour of theory a week.

When can we start the option ?

We can start the option at the beginning of every year, during the inscription at the high school.

What does your bac paper of theatre consist of ?

We have to write three reports about three different shows, and we have to play in front of a jury.

How many hours of theatre do you have in a week ?

We have three hours a week, but the literary pupils, who take drama like a speciality have six hours a week.

Do you choose your roles ? And do you make your own dramatization ?

Yes, we choose the plays that we want in a theme, we propose ideas, and we create the show with the teachers.

Speaking of teachers, who are they ?

Mrs Fournier and Mrs Leclerc.

Who is your favourite playwright ?

I don’t have a favourite playwright. I think they are all good in a different way.

Finally, choose three words to describe the theatre option.

Sharing, entertainement and joy.

Thanks !



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