English section, in Millet library

Hello bookworms, did you know it ?

There is an English section in Millet library. You can’t miss it, you just have to enter the library and to go on your left in the reading room. There are many kinds of books, such as fantasy, sci-fi and romance, some are longer and harder than others but there are a lot of simple books as well. They are all waiting for you, you can be sure to find your happiness thanks to great authors.

Indeed, if you are a Potterhead, a few Harry Potter‘s books by J.K Rowling are there, in English obviously. That is a great training to improve your English and to get some pleasure while reading. Nevertheless, not only is there Harry Potter in the English section, which is considered as a recent book, but it is also possible to find old books from the 17th, 18th or 19th centuries, such as a drama play by Shakespeare : Romeo and Juliet. Other famous novels like Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens or even Paper Town by John Green are available. You can find some French books too, translated in English, like The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.



Harry Potter by JK Rowling   ****

We think all of you know the famous story of Harry Potter. He is a child who lives with his uncle and his aunt. But one day, his life is turned upside down by a letter from Hogwarts School of Wizardry in which he learns he is a wizard. Before the first day at school in September, he goes with Hagrid in Diagon Alley to buy books of spells, potions or transformations, cauldrons, magic wands and animals. Afterwards, he goes to the train platform 9 ¾ where he meets Ron Weasley and at school he meets Hermione Granger, then they will become best friends. All in all, when the sorting hat sends him to Griffindor, he experiences many thrilling adventures which make him grow up.

To me, this book is very interesting to read because the story is gripping. But there is specific vocabulary which could slow down the reading. However it’s not very difficult since you may already know the story.

The Great Gatsby by FS Fitzgerald   **

Last year, we read the Great Gatsby that tells the love story between a woman and a man but the woman was married with another man. We liked it because it’s a story about the 1920’s and we saw the women’s conditions of living at that period.

The Daydreamer by Ian McEwan  ***

This year, we read a book by Ian Mc Ewan, the Daydreamer which is about the imagination of a boy, Peter. It is composed of many little stories like The Cat, The Bully or The Vanishing Cream. It is an imaginative book with a lot of fantasy and magical things.

Written by the students in TL3

Harry Potter


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