Scary Story 9 (part 2)

I was picked up about 20 minutes later. I was taken home and told to sleep and return to the base at 7 a.m. to make my report and launch the investigation. They kept the coat with them, saying that they were going back to the base and that they were going to have it... Lire la Suite →

Scary Story 9

John Wick’s First Investigation : The Diplomat’s Case - Name ? - John Wick, w-i-c-k -Registration number ? -N°60a189p38256 -grade ? -field agent, recently promoted. -Date of the case ? - 26 of March 1980, yesterday - Yes of course, I couldn't miss it. Ok, tell me what happened. - Well… Do I need to remind... Lire la Suite →

Scary Story 8

The Doll’s House It was late in the night, and Gardner was tired, and she had drunk too much at the party. On the way to back to home, she met an ice-cream merchant. She was too drunk to realize that it was not normal at that time of the night. The girl was alone,... Lire la Suite →

Scary Story 7

The Last Breath Once upon a time, in Irleand during winter , two young women, Samantha and Kylie, searched where they going to sleep. They found a motel at night on their way. The motel was in a creepy forest. It was stormy and rainy and very dangerous because thunder had destroyed some trees. The... Lire la Suite →

Scary Story 6

A SCARY PARTY In the night of Saturday at 10 o’clock. Three Australian friends were on holliday in Italy. They decided to go to a party so they got ready. The first girl called Julie had curly blond hair and blue eyes. She wore a red dress. Despite her haughty appearance she was so cute... Lire la Suite →

Scary Story 5

The Scary Granny On the coldest autumn day of the year, Michael, a young man walked for 2 hours. After this he realized he was lost in a dark forest. Suddenly he got hit on the head ! When he woke up he saw a poster, on a wall, where it was written : « You are in... Lire la Suite →

Scary Story 4

The Poison One night, David joined his friends at their place. He was tall, chic and very classy. He always wore a suit with a waistcoat and a tie. His long dark hair was flying in the wind. He had a good figure, he was not too fat but not too thin, and quite muscular.... Lire la Suite →

Scary story 3

The Haunted House of the Twin Boys In a wood near a little city, two young people were walking holdings hand. A man and a woman. They were in love since so much time that nobody remembers when they didn’t know each other. Under a pretty sun in this summer day, the lovers stop themselves... Lire la Suite →

scary story 2

In our English class (2L) with Mrs Nolleau, pupils had do a final task consisting of writing horror stories with a lot of suspense and the vocabulary that we studied in class. We wrote the text in groups of 2 or 3. We hope you enjoy reading our stories ! Eric Wembly’s Horror Story Eric Wembly,... Lire la Suite →

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